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Atrinik is a free open source Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MORPG) with 2D isometric graphics based on Daimonin and Crossfire. All the content and code is released under GNU GPL.

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If you are interested in contributing to Atrinik, you can be part of the Atrinik Team and join development right away.

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Atrinik 4.0 by Cleo
Atrinik Client 4.0 has been released!

After years of on and off development, the latest (and greatest) version of Atrinik is finally here.

As usual, to upgrade on Windows, you will need to download the new client installer here (verify), uninstall the old client and install the new one.

For Ubuntu and Debian, an install package can be found here (verify). The package repository will be updated at a later date (hopefully).

This release once again overhauls the client UI, simplifying it and hopefully making it more mouse-friendly. The main server has been reset due to complete changes to various items, save fo...
Updates, server move and Jenkins by Cleo
Hey guys,

Firstly, sorry about the lack of updates and progress. Atrinik 4.0 is moving forward slowly, but most of the major changes are in place and generally speaking it's just the new Tutorial Island that needs to be finished.

The website and game servers have been moved to a new provider today, seemingly without a hitch. I will be monitoring the servers more closely over the following weeks to make sure there's no problems due to the move.

The move gives us the necessary infrastructure to support more game servers in the future if we need to, especially a game server located in Europe once we implement player data synchronization.

Additionally, I have a provisioned a new server specifically for Jenkins:

Jenkins gives us the ability to verify that everything builds OK and to run unit tests to verify that commits do not break existing functionality.

Atrinik on GitHub by Mamoru
Atrinik repositories moved to GitHub!

While another year passes by and the combat system is being reworked, Atrinik has moved to GitHub.

The Atrinik repositories on Launchpad have been moved to GitHub and the Atrinik mailinglists on Launchpad will be disbanded. The best way to contact the team in the future will be the forums here at and our #atrinik IRC channel on freenode.

Get started with the GitHub Bootcamp and join development or just download and play Atrinik right away!

See you in Atrinik!
Atrinik 3.0 by Cleo
Atrinik Client 3.0 has been released!

After several months of hard work on the client, the new version is ready at last.  :)

To upgrade on Windows, you will need to download the new client installer here (verify), uninstall the old client and install the new one.

The process for Ubuntu has changed, as the package repository has moved to in order to support Debian as well (the Launchpad PPA only supports Ubuntu). You will need to remove the old PPA from your apt sources list (run: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/atrinik-ppa.list), and follow the installation instructions here.

This new release completely redesigns the client GUI, with a new skin, and more user-friendly interface. The spells, skill...
Atrinik 2.0 by Cleo
Atrinik Client 2.0 has been released!

Merry Christmas to all. We have a present for all of you; new version of the Atrinik client! This release brings many new features and improvements, for a list, see below.

To upgrade on Windows, you will need to download the new client installer here (verify), uninstall the old client and install the new one. To upgrade on Ubuntu, type "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade" or use the Update Manager.

In both cases your key bindings, settings, etc will be preserved so you can get back to playing as soon as possible (but widget positions will not be, as too many of them changed).

List of changes:
  • Completely reworked welcome/lo...


Atrinik Client Windows Installer (verify download)
Atrinik Client Debian Package (verify download)

Servers list

Atrinik Main Server 0
Atrinik Dev Server 0

Main Server Updates

[26 Apr 2011] Bunch of updates
[12 Mar 2011] Promethia Island Remake
[18 Feb 2011] Vielumin Ruins Altar
[6 Feb 2011] Lairwenn's Notes
[9 Jan 2011] Asteria Auction House
[22 Dec 2010] Morliana Research Center
[11 Dec 2010] Winter Event
[23 Nov 2010] Fort Sether's Illness
[15 Nov 2010] Lynren's Home
[30 Oct 2010] Halloween Event

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