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The Tutorial
Starter Guide -> The TutorialYou may want to check out First Steps if you haven't already!

The First Sights

When you first log into the game with a new character, you are put in the tutorial. In the tutorial, you cannot get hurt and cannot die. This is the place where all newbies go and learn how to play Atrinik.

You go around through the tutorial and read the signs by pressing "A" or the space bar.

What to Take Out With You

While going through the tutorial, you will want to take some things with you. The first things you run into are items in containers. You should take the linen sack, and go through and practice opening containers and getting their contents (bookshelves, drawers, all of them are containers).

The Exit

The starting tutorial is a fairly small place, and soon you will reach the exit. The exit will take you to The Tutorial Island, where you will learn a lot more about the game (quests, low level dungeons, meeting other players, etc).

First of all, you will want to learn how to talk to NPCs, so follow instructions on the signs in the building you will appear in. Most NPCs will respond to you if you say "hi", "hey" or "hello" near them. When you are finished there, you are instructed to go to Twitriel, the weapons master. This is very important, as he will let you choose one of the Atrinik weapon skills (slash, pierce, cleave or impact). After that, you can check out the house next to Twitriel, where color system of monsters is explained.

When you are done with all that, it's time to start doing quests. You can either try to talking to all the NPCs on the island, or going to gatekeeper North of the island. He will have hints which quests you should go complete.