linktree - Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
Atrinik Team
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Cleo - Alex Tokar
  • Project Leader
  • Coder, server maintainer, map maker, main server operator
Arantor - Pete Spicer
  • Project support
  • Coder
Mamoru - Edwin Miltenburg
  • Map maker, composer, main server operator
Lippy - Daniel Liptrot
  • Coder, client maintainer, artist, main server operator
  • On hiatus
idicus - Matthew Bostick
  • Map maker
Gramlath - Brian Angeletti
  • Map maker, artist, story writer

ddhanna - David Hanna
  • Main server moderator
  • Story writer, map maker
JLittle - James Little

Other Contributors
Ragnor: Maintainer of Gridarta for Atrinik
Floozy: Writer and maintainer of Floozy's Guide
Peter C "Nitestar" Frank: Public relations, media, advertising, social media consultant
Glenn Hanna: Client graphic improvements
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