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The following is a list of all spells currently in Atrinik.

Spell Name Availability
Firestorm Horns, wands, rods, dusts, potions
Icestorm Horns, wands, rods, dusts, potions
Minor healing Balms, scrolls, rods, potions, Quest
Cure poison Potions
Cure disease Balms, potions
Strength self Horns, wands, potions, rods, scrolls
Identify Horns, wands, rods, scrolls
Detect magic Horns, wands, rods, scrolls
Detect curse Wands, rods, scrolls
Remove curse Scrolls
Remove damnation Scrolls
Cause light wounds Scrolls, Quest
Confuse -
Magic bullet Horns, wands, rods, Quest
Summon golem -
Remove depletion -
Probe Scrolls, horns, wands, rods, Quest
Town portal -
Create food -
Word of recall Wands, rods, horns
Recharge Scrolls
Greater healing Balms, rods, potions, Quest
Restoration -
Protection from cold Balms
Protection from fire Balms
Protection from electricity Balms
Protection from poison Balms
Consecrate -
Finger of death Quest
Cause cold -
Cause flu -
Cause leprosy -
Cause smallpox -
Cause pneumonic plague -
Meteor Quest
Meteor swarm Quest
Poison fog -
Bullet swarm -
Bullet storm -
Destruction Quest
Create bomb -
Cure confusion -