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Tired of typing "/cast cause light wounds" or "/cast minor healing" over and over again? Well, there is hope for you: In Atrinik, we have what is called a macro system. Some other games have a similar system and refer to them by aliases or shortcuts. It works like this:

  • Hit F11
  • Go down to 'misc'
  • Hit enter on an empty slot
  • Type the macro, such as "/cast cause light wounds"
  • Hit enter
  • Hit the key you want to represent the macro, such as 3
  • Hit d or click on the "Done" button for your changes to be saved.

Now that you have set up that macro, you have the spell "cause light wounds" macroed (or bound, as I like to say) to the key 3. Every time you hit the key 3, it will cast that spell in the direction you are facing.

A very useful macro is one that will save you of typing "/shout ..." every time you want to shout. But this is a bit trickier. If you simply configure a key - let's say the key w - to the command "/shout", it will send the command "/shout" without any text after it every time your hit the key w. What you really want, is that w doesn't send any command yet, but simply prepare a "/shout " command, so that you can add your message to it, before sending it. So instead, configure your macro as follows: "?M_MCON/shout ".

The "?M_MCON" in front of the macro tells the client to not send any command, but to merely put the text following it in the typing field, called the console (hence the 'CON'). Note that there's a trailing space in "?M_MCON/shout ", so that you don't have to enter that space either, when you want to shout with the when you want to shout with the w key. A similar useful command could for example be "?M_MCON/tell MyBestFriend ".

This is the setup I use for playing Atrinik, if you need some suggestions for shortcuts:

"/cast magic bullet"- (numpad)
"/cast cause light wounds"* (numpad)
"/cast minor healing"/ (numpad)
"?M_MCON/shout "1
"?M_MCON/gsay "2
"?M_MCON/guild "3
"?M_MCON/reply "4


Quickslots is a very useful function in Atrinik, in most cases, a lifesaver. You can have different quickslot groups (1 to 4) and in each group you can have 8 quickslots. A quickslot can contain either item in your inventory, or a spell.

To make item quickslot, go to the quickslot group you want the quickslot to appear in by using Home and End keys (but not when in console), open inventory, and using the arrow keys locate the item you want to place in quickslots, then just press quickslot ID (F1 - F8). You can also use the mouse to drag the item to one of the quickslots.

To make spell quickslot, select the quickslot group, open the spell list using F9, locate the spell you want, and then press one of the quickslot keys (F1 - F8).

You cannot have the same item in multiple quickslots, but you can have multiple same spells. To remove item/spell from quickslot, just press its F-key on the item/spell again. Quickslots will be saved and available to your character even if you play from different computer.

Quickslots are very useful with armor, so that you can wear and unwear it very quickly. You may want to do this often, because some armor makes the mana regeneration take longer, so you will often want to take your armor off for a while, to make your mana regenerate faster.