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Atrinik Servers List
This is a list of all known Atrinik servers. By default, servers will update their information every 5 minutes. When a server is closed or unavailable it will still be listed on this page until removed by an admin. You may use the metaserver string in scripts (it will only show recently available servers).

Atrinik Servers List
Name Hostname Port Comment Players
Atrinik Main Server 13327 Atrinik server maintained by Alex Tokar. This is the official Atrinik Server.
Atrinik Dev Server 1728 Atrinik official development server. You need latest developer version of the client to connect.
Testserver Mamoru 13327 This is a testserver. Please connect to the Main Server for playing. Mamoru
Dev Server Cleo 1728 Cleo's private development server. Expect frequent downtimes and restarts.
Atrinik Server 1728 No description.