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Server Configuration
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Configuring region maps

Region maps are by default disabled. In order to configure them, you will need to edit the server/data/settings file, and add the following line to the end:

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If you are using outdated or non-standard maps and want to use up-to-date client maps, you will have to generate your own client maps by running something like this:

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./atrinik_server -world_maker dir-to-place-files

You will need to have Atrinik server compiled with world maker support (if you run the above command, you'll know whether your binary supports it or not). LibGD is required to compile the server with world maker support. dir-to-place-files should be a path to directory on your HTTP server that will contain the client maps. Obviously you'll have to change the URL in the settings file, instead of using the above mentioned one.

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