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Regions List
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The following is a list of all the regions defined by the maps/regions.reg text file. The unique identifier (used in Gridarta's Map Properties) is shown after the region's long name in brackets.

  • The World [world]: Somewhere in the world...
    • Plane of Creation [creation]: No one knows where this place is, but all have seen it.

      As mysterious as it is, it's just another part of life.
    • Bone Cairn [bone_cairn]: Known as the Bone Cairn, this realm has no name that can be rendered in the Common tongue.

      Due to its recent discovery, is is still shrouded in mystery.
    • The Strakewood Island [strakewood_island]: It has been found in the ancient records that the Strakewood Island was the first island formed in this world.

      The rumor is that in the ancient times the Strakewood Island was home to two opposing deities, Elathiel and Rashindel, both fighting an endless battle against each other.
      • [strakewood_island_underground]:
      • Giant Mountains on Strakewood Island [strakewood_island_gm]:
      • Abandoned Dwarven Mine [strakewood_abandoned_mine]: An abandoned dwarven mine, connecting several places underground.
      • Brynknot [brynknot]: Brynknot is a town on the Western side of Strakewood Island.
      • The City of Greyton [greyton]: The City of Greyton is a town on the Eastern side of Strakewood Island.

        It really is a separate island, connected to Strakewood Island by a human-made bridge.
      • Aris [aris]: Aris is located north of Brynknot.
      • Asteria [asteria]:
        • Asteria Palace Dungeon [asteria_palace_dungeon]:
        • Asteria Sewers [asteria_sewers]:
      • Fort Sether [fort_sether]:
      • Fort Ghzal [fort_ghzal]:
      • Rockforge Palace [rockforge_palace]:
      • Rockforge City [rockforge]:
      • Rockforge City Basement [rockforge2]:
      • Rockforge Mines [rockforge_mines]:
      • Centennial [centennial]: Centennial, a festive magical town where young girls train to learn the art of being witches.
      • The Old Outpost [old_outpost]: The Old Outpost was once a great outpost of Zechna's giant and troll forces, controlled by King Rhun, but is mostly inhabited by ice and lava golems now.

        You wonder if King Rhun still lives in here.
      • Temple of Zechna [zechna_temple]: You see many passages here, and wonder which you should take.

        It is said Zechna awaits any challenger at the end of the temple.
        • [zechna_temple_b]:
        • [zechna_temple_c]:
        • [zechna_temple_d]:
      • The Underground City [underground_city]:
        • [underground_city_a]:
        • [underground_city_b]:
        • [underground_city_c]:
      • The Dark Cave [dark_cave]:
      • The Giant Stronghold [giant_stronghold]:
    • Lyondale Archipelago [lyondale_archipelago]: Lyondale Archipelago is a set of small islands grouped close together.
      • Lyondale Archipelago: Wizards' Tower [lyondale_archipelago_wizard]: Lyondale Archipelago is a set of small islands grouped close together.

        The one you're currently located on has the famous Wizards' Tower with the Thelra wizards in the middle.
      • Lyondale Archipelago: Morliana [morliana]: Lyondale Archipelago is a set of small islands grouped close together.

        The one you're currently located on is the main island with the Morliana village.
    • The Eld Woods Island [eld_woods_island]: This is an ancient place, filled with mysteries and power.

      Things are still and quiet in here.
      • Clearhaven [clearhaven]: The town of Clearhaven is located on the West side of Eld Woods Island.
    • a ship [ship]: You are travelling by a ship.
    • The Promethia Island [promethia_island]:
    • Dragons Island [dragons_island]: The Dragons Island is home to many fierce dragons, including the fire dragons, the black dragons, and many others.

      It is also the home of the legendary black dragon Scursaur, and their leader.
    • Berri Lur [berri_lur]:
    • Everlink [everlink]: No one knows where this place is in the world, but only proud house owners can access it.
    • Incuna [incuna]: A port town, somewhere south of Strakewood Island.
      • [incuna_-1]:
        • [incuna_-2]:
      • [forgotten_tunnels]: The old crystal mines of Incuna have all but passed into legend.

        The days of bloodshed when the kobolds were inadvertently released into the mines are not so easily forgotten...
    • Deserted Island [deserted_tutorial_island]: A deserted island, somewhere in the ocean...
    • The Ocean [ocean]: Somewhere in the middle of the ocean...