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Map Naming Convention
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Atrinik uses the following rules for naming convention of map file names:

  • No spaces.
  • Only lowercase characters and numbers allowed.
  • Maps above or below another map should mark their position with _1-99 or _a-z respectively. If #4 is in effect, this should come first. See below for details.
  • Tiled maps must have _xxyy after the name denoting where they are tiled. See below for details.

Tiling convention

The convention for naming tiled maps is to add _xxyy at the end of the filename, where:

  • xx = X position
  • yy = Y position

The first map, 0101, is the most southwest map. It is possible to add map(s) south and/or west of this map by using aa01 for map west of 0101, 01aa for south or aaaa for southwest. This is not recommended for new mapsets, only if you need to add map(s) to the south or west at a later date. Map west of aa01 would use ab01 and one west of that would use ac01. Similarly for south, a map south of 01aa would be 01ab. If az is ever reached, ba would be next.


world_ab02 world_aa02 world_0102 world_0202 world_0302
world_ab01 world_aa01 world_0101 world_0201 world_0301
W world_abaa world_aaaa world_01aa world_02aa world_03aa E
world_abab world_aaab world_01ab world_02ab world_03ab
world_abac world_aaac world_01ac world_02ac world_03ac

Above/below convention

Simpler than the above, the convention used for non-surface maps is _level, where level denotes whether the map is above or below another one. 1-99 denotes map above another one, for example, a tower. a-z denotes map below another one, for example, a cave.

If used with tiling maps, this convention takes precedence, for example, world_1_0736. A map above world_1_0736 would be world_2_0736, while map below world_0736 would be world_a_0736.


It is important to follow the standard, but not strictly necessary in all places; for example, dungeons should use their own names (underground_city_0101 for example, instead of world_a_xxyy). This is known as the "long stairway" trick; it doesn't matter on which level the dungeon is located, because the length of the stairs/rope/etc can vary.

It should be noted though that it is important to follow the standard for things like upstairs/downstairs of buildings in the world maps, things like tunnels from one place to another, etc.