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Map Info Object
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Map info objects can be used to "override" map-wide settings for a part of a map. In other words, a part of a map can have different background music and/or map name (etc) than the rest of it. An example is the Brynknot Tavern, which uses this object to change the background music inside the actual tavern, but leave different music outside.

Map info object can be found in Gridarta's special objects tab under the name of "map info".

When placed on a map, they can be configured to "span" a rectangle (for example, 5x5 square). They always affect the square they are on, so if you wanted a 5x5 square, you would edit the map info object's width and height to be 4 both.

Example on the Brynknot Tavern map:

The above map info object spans a rectangle 14 tiles to the east and 6 tiles south. Including the tile the map info object is on, and excluding the outer walls of the tavern, this makes the map info object affect the whole interior of the tavern. Map name is unchanged, but as you can see, the map music is changed to something else other than the outside.