linktree - Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
How To Play
Starter Guide -> How To PlayInstalling

First you need to download and install the client. Consult this page for instructions on downloading/installing for different operating systems.

Selecting a server

After running the client and letting it load needed files (few seconds), you will be presented with server selection like this:

The server named is currently the official Atrinik server, so you are recommended to play on that one (be sure to read the rules of this server here). Use arrow keys to select the server you wish to connect to and then press enter.

Connecting to the server

Now you will be presented with the login screen, so fill in your desired user name and password:

If that user name is not taken, you will be asked to verify the password you entered, as shown in the screenshot. Proceed to the next step by pressing enter.

Setting up your character

In this screen, you will setup your character's race, gender and statistics. You have five points to allocate to any of your skills:

When you are pleased with your stats, press C on your keyboard, or click the Create button. Recommended stats to focus on in the beginning are Dexterity (so you run a bit faster), Strength (so you hit harder) and Wisdom (so you fumble less when casting prayers on low levels).


You will appear on the first map for new players, called Tutorial. This map is a unique map and you won't meet any other players there:

Go through the map, reading signs and learning how to play the game. The portal near the end will take you to a place called Tutorial Island, where you will learn more about the game, quests, weapons and more. Tutorial Island is where you can meet other players.

Saving and logging out

If you have at least one experience point, you will be able to save your character. To do so, type /save. When you want to logout, press ESC on your keyboard and select LOGOUT from the selection menu:

Logging out will save your character as well.