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Atrinik History, Objectives and Achievements
Atrinik History

Atrinik was forked from Daimonin around April 2009. The Atrinik homepage mentions that Atrinik is a fork of Daimonin and Crossfire, because we feel appropriate to give credit to Crossfire, as the chosen version of Daimonin we forked was close to Crossfire-like features with isometric view.

The Daimonin version we forked (called 'Beta 3' at the time) was the best Daimonin version made so far. Beta 4 of Daimonin introduced many poorly thought-of features and plenty of bugs, and made many players leave (as of this writing, their main beta 4 server has ~10 players on, with maximum of 15ish, while beta 3 used to have 60-80). The development of beta 5 was shaping up slowly and resembles vaporware. This is why Atrinik was born.


Current objectives are:

  • Cleaning up server code
  • Documenting the server code
  • Bringing back more spells and skills from Crossfire
  • More game content and storyline
  • Trade skills (fletching, crafting, etc)
  • Proper player class management (wizard, fighter, priest, etc)


Incomplete list of achievements, in no particular order:

  • Implemented player-managed guilds
  • Restored many spells from Crossfire, including meteor, meteor swarm, destruction, finger of death, and many more.
  • Implemented PvP arenas
  • Implemented post office which allows players to send items to one another
  • Implemented parties
  • Made old Crossfire random maps code work again and made several dungeons that are random
  • Implemented player shops
  • Done many server-side and client-side improvements to increase speed and efficiency
  • Many improvements to the Python plugin, including Python 3.0 and 3.1 support
  • A flexible and powerful quest system and client quest list
  • Many improvements to balance the game, both content and feature-wise