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Client Map Info Object
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These objects are similar to map info objects, but for a different purpose: they can be used to create labels, tooltips, etc on the region map.

Below is an example of a map info object used in one of the Asteria Temples:

As you can see, client map info objects are a bit different than map info objects -- for the temple, there are three of them. Why? Because the one in the northwest corner is the master one, and holds information about the tooltip text for the temple. Instead of you having to count the tiles east and south, two more objects are placed where you want the tooltip to end (to the east and to the south). Those two should have the same type and ID as the master one (in this case it's automatic tooltip, so all three objects should have the same ID and be of type Tooltip). The master tooltip must have automatic tooltip option enabled for this to work. Here's an example of the master tooltip in the above temple:

The ID of all client map info objects should be descriptive and unique (unless, of course, automatic tooltip option is enabled in the above mentioned example).

Map info objects can be used as labels - in which case you only need one object and place it wherever you want the label text to start on the region map.

For both labels and tooltips, the client map info object's text is used as the label or tooltip text, and full client markup is allowed.

Tooltips may have an outline configured - this is useful for places where it's not very clear there is a tooltip, such as the entrance to Clearhaven Treehome: