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Client Commands
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Commands are documented in the client and you can view them using F12. This page is made using the documentation from the v4.0 client.

Command Command Information Syntax
/afk The AFK (Away From Keyboard) command is used to mark you as away. It will be displayed in the client as a "reminder" next to your name, and will appear in the who list for everyone to see. /afk
/apply The /apply command is used to apply selected things. For example, you can wield a sword in your inventory, or wear an armour. You can also apply things like stairs to enter them, or handles to activate gates.

/apply can also be used to apply specified item in your inventory, for example, /apply amulet

/apply accepts two flags, -a and -u.

This would always apply the item 'amulet' from your inventory, never unapplying it:
/apply -a amulet

This would always unapply the item 'amulet' from your inventory, never applying it:
/apply -u amulet
/cast The cast command will immediately cast a spell in the direction you're currently facing. It is useful to bind this command to your keys, like this:
"/cast magic bullet"
/cast <name of spell>
/dm Allows you to become a Dungeon Master, if you are allowed to. /dm
/drop You can use the /drop command to drop specific items from your inventory. If you have a container open, dropped items from your inventory will go into the container (even if the container is in your inventory). It has the same syntax as the /take command.

For syntax and usage, see
/gsay The Gsay command is an alias to "/party say". You can use it to send a message to your party. /gsay [your message]
/guild This command will send a message to all online members of your current guild. /guild [message]
/guildmembers This command will show all online members of your guild. /guildmembers
/hiscore The highscore command shows the top players in the game, the ones with most experience points. /hiscore

To search for someone in the highscore list:
/hiscore [name]
/ignore You can ignore another player's chat from various chat types using the ignore command. /ignore <player name> <chat type>

player name: Name of the player to ignore (or * to ignore all players)
chat type: Chat type to ignore the player from, one of: say, shout, tell, emote or * (all the chat types)
/left The left command is used to turn your character left. /left
/mapinfo The map info command will give you some info about the map. It will show you the map path, map name, and a message the author may have left. /mapinfo
/mark The mark command marks a specified item in your inventory. It is, by default, bound to the M key. Some common examples of usage:

Smith will identify your current marked item.

A quest reward could require you to mark an item which will be improved.
/motd The Message of the Day command will show you the current message of the day, as configured by the server administrator or a DM. /motd
/ms_privacy This command is used to turn metaserver privacy on/off. While on, your player name will not be reported to the metaserver, so it won't be visible on the site's server list. /ms_privacy
/music_pause Pauses currently playing background music, if any. /music_pause
/music_resume Resumes previously paused music. /music_resume
/np If you are currently playing a music file from the , this command will display the currently playing music for nearby players to see in their chat windows, using the /me command. /np
/party The party command can be used to form a party, say a message in your party, and so on.

However, note that there is a party GUI in the client, which can be opened by clicking the Party button at right top of the client. The GUI includes listing all existing parties, seeing who's in a party you're member of, forming new party, etc.
To form a party:
/party form <party name>

To join an existing party:
/party join <party name>

To list ALL existing parties:
/party list

To list players in your party:
/party who

To change party password:
/party password <new password>

To leave your party:
/party leave

To post a message to your party members:
/party say <your message>

To change party's loot mode:
/party loot <new mode>

To see party's current loot mode:
/party loot

Party loot mode controls how loot from corpses is handled. See "/party loot modes" for the various loot modes.

To kick another player from your party:
/party kick <name>
/pray The pray command is used to start praying to your god, to regenerate your grace. By default, it is bound to the P key. If you are praying and you move, attack an enemy or you get attacked, you will automatically stop praying.
/push The push command is used to push objects out of your way. Rolling objects like barrels can be pushed. /push
/ready_skill The command can be used to ready a skill. /ready_skill <skill name>

skill name: Full name of the skill to ready, for example, construction
/ready_spell The command can be used to ready a spell into the range box. /ready_spell <spell name>

spell name: Full name of the spell to ready, for example, magic bullet
/rename The /rename command can be used to rename any item in your inventory, except money. Simply mark the item you want to rename, and use, for example:

/rename Hello World!

The item's name will then appear as "Hello World!" in inventories, the below inventory, etc for all to see, but examine will still have its original name, along with the custom name.

Use /rename with no parameters to clear the custom name of an item.
/rename <new name>

To clear item's custom name:
/reply The reply command is used to reply to the last player that sent you a private message. There's no need to specify his name, just the message! /reply [your message]
/right The right command is used to turn your character right. /right
/roll The roll command is used to roll a dice. The results will be displayed to everyone on the map in range. /roll [times to roll the dice]d[number of sides]
/run The run command is used to prepare your character for running. Your character will run in direction you press until you type /run_stop or press the ALT key. /run
/run_stop The stop run command is used to stop your character from being in 'run mode' by previous usage of /run command. /run_stop
/save The save command will save your character at your present location. This is automatically done every 10 minutes and when you logout, but it can be used as a "just-in-case" command. Remember, you must have some experience in order to be able to save your character! /save
/say The say command is used to talk with other players on same map, interact with NPCs, activating teleporters and gates and other things.

This command does not require you to type anything before your message; you just write the message, and it gets said on the map you're located at.
[your message]
/shout The shout command is the main communication command. It will display your message to all currently logged in players. /shout <your message>
/statistics The /statistics command will show you various statistics related to your character, like total experience, experience needed for next level, item power of all equipped items, and so on. /statistics
/take The /take command can be used to take items on floor, or items in your currently open container (even if you have the container in your inventory). It has the same syntax as the /drop command.

For syntax and usage, see
/tell The tell command is used to send a private message to another player online. Only he will be able to see the message! /tell <name> [your message]
/time The time command displays the current in-game time. /time
/use_skill The skill. Note that many skills cannot be used in this way, for example, melee, archery, etc. /use_skill <skill name>

skill name: Full name of the skill to use, for example, construction
/version The version command shows you the current server's version. /version
/whereami This command will tell you your current location, along with the location's information, a story, etc. /whereami
/who The who command is used to display all players currently online. It will show their name, level, race and gender. /who

Operator Commands
The following commands are only available to server operators.

Command Command Information Syntax
/addexp The DM add exp command is used to add exp to specified skill to a player. /addexp [player name] [skill ID] [experience to add]

List skill IDs:
/arrest The arrest command can be used to arrest a player. Note that there will be no way for the player to escape, since even their savebed location will be set to the jail, so when they die or use word of recall, they will appear there again. To release the player, you need to summon them somewhere, and ensure they apply a savebed, so they don't reappear in the jail. /arrest [player]
/ban The ban command can be used to ban player and/or IP address from the game. Note that IP addresses cannot contain ':' characters, so IPv4 addresses only.
/cmd_permission This command can allow DM to change DM command permissions for another player. In other words, it allows for a non-DM to acquire permissions to use DM commands like /kick.
/create The DM create command used to create almost any item.
/dm_light This command is used to make all maps appear in daylight for the DM. /dm_light
/dm_password This command allows DM to change player's password. /dm_password [player] [new password]
/dm_stealth This command is used to allow a DM to become "stealthed" and invisible on /who list to anyone who is not a DM. On login their entering message will not be shown to other players. When other players message this DM they will get "No such player" message. /dm_stealth
/dmsay This command can be used by DMs to chat among themselves. It is similar to commands like shout, say, etc, but it will appear in red, prefixed with and only to other logged in DMs. /dmsay [your message]
/follow This command can allow a DM to follow another player (if the DM is invisible, the player will not know they are being followed). /follow [player]

To stop following someone:
/goto The goto command is used to teleport yourself to a specified map path, with optional X/Y coordinates on the map. /goto [map path] [x] [y]
/insert_into This command allows you to insert marked item inside another object. /insert_into [object_id]
/kick The kick command is used to kick another player from the game. /kick [player]
/motd_set This command can be used to change the Message of the Day from game. It is useful to use this for game events, as this message will be automatically displayed to players upon logging in. This command does not overwrite the "default" Message of the Day, but it inserts a custom one, which is then used instead of the default one. To revert the original (default) Message of the Day:
/motd_set original

To set a custom Message of the Day:
/motd_set [message]
/patch This command can be used to patch an attribute of an object. /patch [object_id]
/plugin This command will load a plugin based on its filename. /plugin [filename]
/pluglist This command will show currently loaded plugins, along with loadable plugins from the server's plugins directory. /pluglist
/plugout This command will unload a specified plugin. /plugout [plugin]
/remove This command is used to remove another object from the game (cannot be used on players). /remove [object_id]
/resetmap This command will reset map the DM is currently on. Optionally, a map path can be given to reset another map and not the one DM is on. /resetmap [map]
/shutdown This command will start a shutdown timer that will shutdown the server in specified number of seconds. Optionally, a reason for the shutdown can be provided. /shutdown [seconds] [reason]
/shutdown_now This command will instantly shutdown the server. /shutdown_now
/teleport This command allows you to teleport yourself next to another player. The player you are teleporting to will get a message that they see a portal open, unless you have on. /teleport [player name]
/wizpass This command will turn on/off the ability to walk through walls and obstacles. /wizpass

Emotion Commands