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Title: Aranarra's Cat
Post by: Floozy on November 04, 2010, 08:38:38 pm
Hi all

Despite exhaustive searching by numerous intrepid adventurous, it appears that the Lady Aranarra's cat must have been a victim of the halloween hole.

I am doing an in-game collection of 1 silver per player in order to fund a suitable gravestone for the brave animal.

Please just find me in-game and give me 1 silver in order to help.

Any surplus charity proceeds will be donated to the Quick Wolves guild (aka Cleo's slush-fund).

Kind regards

Title: Re: Aranarra's Cat - update: Cat found
Post by: Floozy on November 05, 2010, 08:22:21 pm
Hi again all

Well, a very bedraggled moggie answering to the name of Aranarra's cat has been spotted in Brynknot today. Hopefully a gravestone will not now be needed.

Lady Aranarra herself is obviously in a state of shock, as she remains on the lookout for her cat on the other side of the earthquake hole.

I thank everyone for their thoughts of kind generosity, even though nobody donated. The Quick Wolves guild is in sore need of finance, especially Cleo's special slush-fund.

Kind regards