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« on: August 12, 2011, 06:21:06 pm »

Was thinking back to a game I played.  The devs implemented this on occasion(maybe once a month or every couple of months).    They would implement short time quests.   Have say "The orcs have stolen the magical whatchamacallit from some magician, and they plan on destroying it.  It must be retrieved within 1 RL day say, and whoever manages to get said item(make it  a special item that is high in magic protection, armor, attack, whatever) get its keep it.  Make it a one of a kind item say, and make it real difficult to obtain, like almost impossible.   

And only keep it aroudn for that day, when the time limit is up say "The orcs or  whoever managed to destroy said object etc etc).   This way the game isnt flooded with super items, but it gives a nice award once in a great while to those who wanna band together to do a quest that is VERY difficult.

Hope these suggestions are doing you all some good, trying to think of the kind of RP stuff that I find interesting,  keeping the game from being too just hack and slash :p
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Hack and slash only? True. But if your trying to play when Cleo is online it's sorta more fun. Well, it is around me. He likes to show off his admin powers and new images and items. But, IMO Cleo for Pres.

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