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« on: February 19, 2011, 06:48:52 pm »

Okay, lets give players the ability to make there guild. So, how about putting that landshare company in Asteria to work. Okay, a player can buy a guild house reserved sign from a npc and choose any spot in Atrinik to put the guild house in. Also, you can also name it by when the player drops the sign on a spot of land a house and npc inside it pops up. The npc will ask the guild owner if he/she would like to name the guild. The player names the guild and then it gets its storage place. No oracle thing btw. It still has the ranks like the Quick Wolves. And I have an idea for like earning Guild Exp or Rep, like have a guild wars of some sort WHEN MORE PLAYERS COME ALONG though. Players could use their construction skill to do this.

Hope you like this suggestion. Reply if there is something you don't understand.

The skill could make soemthing like this:

* guild_house.png (36.15 KB, 1152x576 - viewed 251 times.)
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