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« on: October 22, 2009, 06:43:22 pm »

Several days ago, Atrinik gained a new feature: guilds.

The guilds are entirely Python powered with some maps. Currently, the only Atrinik guild is called Quick Wolves guild and is located on Strakewood Island, but with the way the Python scripts are designed, it is very easy to add new guilds.

Guild features currently are (with possibly more to come later):

  • Public guild house: The public guild house is a building on a map, in the case of Quick Wolves, in a forest on Strakewood Island, near Brynknot. The guild house allows guild members to enter the actual guild or leave the guild entirely, and provides a way to sign up for a guild membership application for non-members.
  • Member approval system: When a non-member signs up for a guild membership, he is added to the guild members database, however, the code considers him as not-full-member, so he cannot enter the guild yet. For the member to become a full member, a guild administrator or DM must approve the application.
  • Guild map: Guild map is a regular 24x24 map, with currently, for Quick Wolves guild, only with a common room, and staircases for guild oracle and guild storage.
  • Guild Oracle: The Guild Oracle entrance is allowed only to guild administrators or DMs. Anyone else will not be allowed unless summoned to the room by a DM. Guild Oracle is NPC in a small map, providing guild administrators and DMs with common guild administration functions. In the room is also a very small storage area for DMs.
  • Guild Storage: Guild Storage is another map, this time for all guild members. In Quick Wolves guild, there are four rooms where guild members can store their items for fellow guild members to use.
  • Guild Founder: Guild founder is settable only by a DM by talking to the guild Oracle. A guild founder cannot have taken administrator rights taken away or be removed from the guild.
  • Guild Entry Protection: If guild member logs out on the guild maps, and then logs back in, and if he's been removed while offline, he will be teleported to the guild house. Similar behavior is implemented for guild oracle map, along with the remove check.
  • Guild chat command: You can chat with your fellow online guild members using the /guild command.
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