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Offline idicus

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« on: August 25, 2010, 02:50:57 am »

just something to think on, if you have several mobs beating on you , wouldnt that cut in half your defense? IE: 2 against 1 your having to block Both attacks?, what about 3 on 1? more hits cause you cant cover everything unless ya really high level. make sense?

I am not retreating! i am simply attacking in a different Direction!
Offline Floozy

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« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2010, 08:43:03 am »

Hi Idi

This is one of the "realism" vs "playablility" and "enjoyability" subjects.

Atrinik encourages players to create different characters, for example by making it easier if the player levels more than one skill, effectively creating a reward for the extra time spent. It also (up to the level I have got to anyway) allows a little bad luck (or a few mistakes) without the character being killed too easily, removing possibly undeserved frustration.

Because of the reward, I personally much prefer the battle system where you can use all your different skills simultaneously, even though that may be "unrealistic" compared to real life: - firing a missile at the same time as punching at the same time as healing your wounds etc. etc. would in reality require an octopus!

Similarly, unless Floozy is in a *really* dangerous situation, she can usually cope with a second mob spawning close and joining the attack - in an emergency maybe running away from the spawn point and logging out, but avoiding being killed. If her defence reduces when a second mob joins in, I would think that death would become far more likely under those circumstances. That would definitely reduce the enjoyability of the game for me.

Kind regards
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