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Author Topic: Bringing in elements from MMORPGs  (Read 1292 times)
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« on: August 02, 2010, 03:47:57 am »

Found some article about MMORPGs on the web, and thought some of the things that are in certain MMORPGs or are considered typical for an MMORPG either would be cool in Atrinik, or are missing in Atrinik:

Like in nearly every MMORPG, there are different armor dyes, armor types, hair choices, hair colors, and character models to choose from. There are also many different types of weapons, some players choose to wear items that assemble a certain 'look' that defines who that character is. Others simply choose to wear functional outfits, and still others choose to display wealth by having many expensive items on.

Currently, there's no ability to customize player looks, or the equipment players use. It would be really great to have characters actually display the weapon they're wielding. e.g., wield a sword, a sword shows in player avatar; wield an axe, an axe shows in player avatar, etc. Adding the ability to colour garments and gear would also be nice.

While we're at it, this reminds me of the post I suggested for Daimonin, back when I played The Realm, my first MMORPG. I beta-tested for them, as well. In The Realm, players were able to enchant items, and there was a successively higher chance of failure, as well as a chance that the item would be destroyed, the more enchantment an item received. It went something like this:

+1 enchantment: 20% chance of failure, 5% chance of item destruction
+2 enchantment: 40% chance of failure, 15% chance of item destruction
+3 enchantment: 60% chance of failure, 25% chance of item destruction
+4 enchantment: 80% chance of failure, 40% chance of item destruction
+5 enchantment: 95% chance of failure, 60% chance of item destruction

Here's a way that another game dealt with
Unlike many other RPG's, character development does not end when the level cap (level 99) is reached. Players can continue to hunt and gain experience, which can then be traded in for permanent gains in health, mana, strength (with cap), magic (with cap) and agility (with cap) capacities.

I think this is a great idea, and would allow characters to continue development once hitting max level.

Of course, this would mean that characters would have to be able to lose levels, so that would have to be implemented in the game, first.

Speaking of losing levels,  I think it's perfectly acceptable for players to lose levels when they die if they lose enough experience, although it should be limited solely to one skill that's affected by level lost (other skills can suffer experience loss also, but not a level loss; IOW only one skill would have a level lost if there's enough XP taken from the skills by death drain). And, I think it would also be a good way to keep player involvement and keep game balanced. IMO though level loss shouldn't occur before level 40 or 50 or so ... that is, players shouldn't be able to lose enough XP in a skill to lose a level (or two, at higher levels) in it.

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« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2010, 01:26:16 am »

ive played 2 game where each was apart of it.

enchanting items would destroy a item if miscast....bad part of it was all the High Level people were Constant getting bugged "can you enchant this for me!!!!!!" because no one wanted to lose a item to a lower level enchanter which made ALOT of high level players INCLUDING ME turn off all channels so we wouldnt get bugged/spammed all the time. the only time i enchanted item was when i wanted too... i would turn channels back on and Shout "Enchanting in Bree! 2 hours Only"....and watch every player in the game come running....

good Note on it, you got to meet alot of low level players when enchanting items for them....and Enchanting took ALL your mana, then you had to sleep and took time to enchant....if you were lowlevel and ran up to me with 50 yew arrows i just stared at you till you went away.

In Another Game: Character moding.....god i miss my old char....You (IF you won a "Token" in Games that were hosted) you turned it over and they would edit your character, like "i want my character to have red hair!"......I myself had 2 full sleeves of Tattoos....cost 2 tokens and it took me 3 years to get those when i took my armor off and people looked at my character they would see the tattoos and they would freak out......needless to say anytime a Token Event happened we got Flooded with players hehe.

Who knows i Hope something like this happens but i wouldnt hold my breath either.

I am not retreating! i am simply attacking in a different Direction!
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