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« on: July 31, 2011, 12:42:09 pm »

Atrinik Client 3.0 has been released!

After several months of hard work on the client, the new version is ready at last.  :)

To upgrade on Windows, you will need to download the new client installer here (verify), uninstall the old client and install the new one.

The process for Ubuntu has changed, as the package repository has moved to in order to support Debian as well (the Launchpad PPA only supports Ubuntu). You will need to remove the old PPA from your apt sources list (run: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/atrinik-ppa.list), and follow the installation instructions here.

This new release completely redesigns the client GUI, with a new skin, and more user-friendly interface. The spells, skills and party widgets are no longer modal and have been turned into widgets, which means they are much smaller, and can be moved around, so for example, you can always have the spells widget visible, if you want to.

The number of client songs has grown since the last release from about 40 to astounding 250 different background musics - for this reason, there is a new music player widget that you can open by clicking its icon in the menu buttons widget (by default at top right).

The client settings, book GUI, etc now use the popup system, which has been improved to add support for multiple popups at once, so that popups like settings can have a helpful '?' button, which opens the help GUI, explaining controls and the like.

Another big feature is weather support, that will soon start being used more heavily in new maps; it is possible to create effects like snow, rain, thunderstorms, complete with sound effects, etc. Currently, the only weather used is snow in Lyondale Archipelago and on the peak of Giant Mountains (where entrance to Old Outpost is).

Another new feature is the Windows updater function in this new client, which will allow us to distribute updates more regularly, and without the need to always re-download a new client.

The infravision ability has a new use in this client; as corpses do not instantly go cold after you have killed them, you will be able to see recently killed corpses in red highlight on the map, if you have infravision. Very helpful in dark dungeons.

The party widget is more useful than the old party menu was; as it now shows HP, mana and grace of all your party members, and is automatically updated.

The list of changes/tl;dr:

  • Weather support
  • Redesigned GUI
  • Back button in help GUI
  • Windows updater ('Update' button on the main client screen)
  • Many new background musics
  • Refresh server buttons on the main client screen
  • Direction markers in region map
  • Ability to rebind shift/ctrl/alt/etc keys
  • Can now use keyboard modifiers for keybindings
  • Drop/get keys no longer get stuck on multiple quantities when holding down the key
  • Widgets can no longer be moved off-screen by default
  • Fixed name and HP percent of multi-part monster objects not appearing properly in corners of the client map.
  • Readied objects such as ammo and throwing items are now preserved across sessions
  • Player doll now shows your archery damage
  • Some client markup bugfixes
  • Massive book GUI performance optimization
  • Better looking fonts on Windows
  • The map is now a widget, and the right-click menu of it can be accessed by right-clicking one of the map squares and holding down right mouse button for about half a second (until the menu pops up). If the button is released in less than about half a second, it will trigger a target enemy/friend command, like the old behavior
  • Better console commands tab auto-completion; instead of showing all matching commands when there is more than one, it will cycle through them using the tab key (irssi-like behavior, type / in the console and press tab; you can then press tab again to switch to the next matching command, and partial commands are also supported)
  • Better links color in book GUI
  • Widget (sub-)menus will no longer go over the maximum screen size
  • Recently killed corpses are now highlighted in red if you have infravision
  • Clipboard support: it is now possible to paste text into console using ctrl+v, and select text in text windows and use ctrl+c to copy it, and paste it into another application on your desktop
  • Widgets that support resizing (such as text windows) can now be resized by dragging either of their sides, or one of their corners (to resize both vertically and horizontally at once)
  • Text windows font size change has moved from client settings to the text windows right-click menu
  • Text windows right-click menu now has a 'clear' action, which clears the text in the text window
  • In order to move a widget now, you have to right-click it, and press the 'Move' entry once; now, the widget will stick to the mouse cursor, instead of requiring you to continue holding the mouse button. In order to drop the widget, press any of the mouse buttons again.
  • Widgets will now automatically snap to nearby widgets when being moved, allowing for easy and pixel-perfect alignment
  • The client can now run even if sound system is not available
  • Character's password can now be changed using the ESC menu, and clicking the Password button
  • Various other little tweaks and bugfixes

Happy playing!  :mrgreen:
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« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2011, 12:12:40 am »

I'm impressed.  8) Great work, dev team peeps!  :mrgreen:
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« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2011, 12:28:08 pm »

Nice!  8)

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