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Author Topic: [26 Apr 2011] Bunch of updates  (Read 9344 times)
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« on: April 26, 2011, 03:30:26 pm »

There has been a bunch of updates over the past week. Changes include:

 - More realistic lava in UC III and IV; more free place to move, but being too near the lava will do 20 damage per ~1 second, this also makes the path in the balrog area of UC IV wider to allow more movement
 - Increase in quality of drops from balrog in UC IV (they already had the best experience in game, now they also have the best drops in the game); risk vs reward
 - New hints about the Nyhelobo quest (starting with new NPC over at Brynknot Lake)
 - Hint about Brynknot Mayor's location (his manor is located in the west part of Brynknot)
 - Increased base mana/grace for consistency with base health bonus
 - Improvement potions now inform you about the increased stat (or decreased, in case of cursed potions)
 - Potions of minor restoration have a less confusing message if there is no depletion to remove
 - More reasonable price modifications based on charisma in shops
 - Int stat now affects maximum level of books you can read (default is up to Me level + 12, at 30 Int it's Me level + 22, at 1 Int it's Me level + 4)
 - Wis stat now affects experience gained from books (up to the cap); at 30 Wis it's double the experience. This means that with higher wisdom, lower level books could still give you decent experience.
 - When examined, books now tell you the relative amount of experience you will gain from them. This makes it easier for figuring out whether you will gain any good exp from the book, or none at all (Wis modification is not taken into account, only level of the book)
 - There are new grandfather clocks all over the world (mostly in cities/towns) that make a 'ding' noise when applied, and tell you the in-game time. One can be found in Brynknot Apartment building, for example
 - New shortcuts to different floors of Moroch Temple (look for a backroom, just north of the entrance to Moroch Temple; cave wall entrances alongside both walls).
 - Snowy weather in Lyondale Archipelago (only viewable with latest map maker client)

Enjoy. :)
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