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« on: May 22, 2011, 03:59:18 pm »

Want a fancy gate for your town or city?
Most cities have a main gate. This keeps wild beasts away and makes sure your citizens won't get killed. Not by wild beasts, that is... :mrgreen: There's several types of gates already used in Atrinik. You'll find a few of them detailed in this tutorial. Pictures are attached to this post as well.

The Fort Sether gate consists of 3 grates (grate_open) in a row. The grates are connected to a big lever (handle_lever). There's a guard NPC on top of the lever, because the gate should be open under normal circumstances. This way, only Wizards or people with /wizpass can close & reopen the gate. The gates of Asteria use the same idea, but those are connected to magic ears.

The Incuna main gate is a bit more complicated. There's two metal gates (gate_locked1) next to each other, with a closed grate (grate_closed) on each side. Two fortified flagstone wall pieces (wall_fortified_high_c.111) are placed in layer 7 on of the metal gates while the pieces wall_fortified_high_a.111 and wall_fortified_high_b.111 are placed on the grates. Only the wall pieces on top of the metal gates need to be in layer 7, because that's where players will pass. Optionally a metal gate can be (un)locked (by a key), as it is in Incuna.

The City of Greyton also has quite a complicated main gate. It uses magic mouths, pedestals, grates and an NPC. This gate is 5 tiles wide with the following on each line from west to east: (not showing floors)
  • pedestal_trigger layer 0 sys_object 1 direction 3 connected 101 exp 60
    magic_mouth direction 7 splitting 1
  • grate_closed direction 3 connected 101
  • pedestal_trigger layer 0 sys_object 1 direction 3 connected 101 exp 60

The magic mouths fake the NPC's message:
Quote from: magic_mouth
Alvaro, the royal guard says:
Welcome to Greyton!

Next to the gate is the actual NPC Alvaro, the royal guard
Quote from: Alvaro, the royal guard
@match hi|hey|hello
Welcome to Greyton!

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.
Feel free to experiment with one of the examples or make one of your own :)

* gate-fort-sether.png (53.16 KB, 485x266 - viewed 363 times.)

* gate-incuna.png (62.04 KB, 485x266 - viewed 341 times.)

* gate-greyton.png (51.33 KB, 485x266 - viewed 330 times.)
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Thanks for the tutorial!
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