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linktree Topic: [9 Jan 2011] Asteria Auction House
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Author Topic: [9 Jan 2011] Asteria Auction House  (Read 13305 times)
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« on: January 10, 2011, 01:44:27 am »

With the Asteria Building Force busy at work, the Auction House has been built overnight at the land reclamation spot east of Asteria;)

Players can sell up to 30 different items (regardless of quantity) in the Auction House for any price they want; other players can search for items using the Auction House Clerks, using various filtering options explained by the clerks (slash 1h weapons, belts, etc), including (part of) item name. Matching items can be examined and bought from the search interface (either all or just a part of, in case of stacks). Another way to buy items is to visit upstairs of the Auction House and manually search the storage boxes, picking up what you want (and paying for it in the process). The seller receives money for sold items in their post office mailbox.

It seems several people also started setting up flea market south of the Auction House, but they haven't finished yet. Casino also seems to be being built...
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