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« on: December 03, 2010, 06:17:36 pm »

As of r1924 it is possible to double-click the list entries of the map checker to open the related file. This only works for artifact, archetypes and regions file errors. For artifact errors, it will attempt to find the associated artifact in the .art files, and for archetype errors, in the .arc files. For region file errors, it will simply open the regions.reg file, since there can only be one.

Also as of r1926, the map checker has a new option under the File menu: Open Maps (shortcut: ctrl+o). This will open Gridarta, and if the errors list has any map-related errors, Gridarta will open those maps as well (note this will always start a new instance of Gridarta, and cannot be changed, as Gridarta currently has no way to listen for map open events). The PATH environment variable will also be modified to include the map checker directory, which means that it's possible to use the (new) Gridarta validator: External validator script. This validator will use Atrinik map checker to highlight the squares with errors inside Gridarta.

The above mentioned validator might need testing to see if it works on Windows, as I don't think anyone has tried it yet.
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