Floozy's Guide

Dear Reader

Welcome to Floozy's guide to Atrinik, which includes lists of items which can be found in Atrinik, and some observations about their possible use and abuse. Also there are lists about anything else I think could be useful information for players. I try to avoid anything which can be regarded as a "spoiler", so there is no "walkthrough" listing quests for example.

For newcomers to the game I recommend reading the Stats page before creating a character - this will hopefully mean you can select your initial statistic in an informed way. You start by going through a tutorial, which instructs you on the basics (and more), so I haven't bothered to repeat those lessons here.


If you discover any new and interesting items please let me know and I will endeavour to include those.
Please note that any mistakes; omissions; and other stupidities are entirely my fault.

Love Floozy